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Script Writing Revisionist
Liz Russi

I am offering script revisions for low/no budget productions, making notes and additional research to what each script appears to be in need of. If you have a story not in a masters screenwriting format I will also help you to format it.

-Editing a client's script down to the desired number of pages

-These revisions can lead to the script having authentic natural dialogue, a clearer plot, more subtext, & improved sub plot all while avoiding cliche's.

-A sensitive approach to what audience the script is trying to reach and uses this to alter dialogue to attract that demographic.

-Remove dialogue or actions that needlessly alienated a group/demographic and replaced it with different dialogue that still got the point across.

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Bericht geplaatst door: Liz Russi
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Op: 15-07-2019 / 1564 x bekeken
Categorie: Personen / crew , 18-30 , Vrouw , Student / in opleiding , Onbetaald , Lowbudget betaald (naast onkosten ook betaling)
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